Tantrums and trolleys…..

I’m writing this from my car, with a (finally) sleeping toddler. I can’t face waking him up and taking him out, because then he’ll be straight back to Asshole Level 10.

We’ve just done the food shop, on a Sunday. What the Jesus was I thinking? 

Thank you to the supermarkets who place shiny kids magazines right at the entrance. Wankers. 

Cue me being “firm mummy”, as the boy has been spoiled and his behaviour is getting steadily more awful. So it’s time to sort this out. (Apologies to the lovely people who had to deal with the fallout of this). The response to my parenting turnabout? Well, it wasn’t pretty, all of the screaming, name calling, accusations of “bullying”, threats to call his dad and “tell on me”. 

Thankfully the looks I got from the other shoppers were mainly sympathetic and one lady actually touched my arm and said “you stay strong love, it won’t last forever, and you’re doing the right thing”. I nearly cried and hugged her, but that might have been a bit weird. 

Training your kids to be fully functioning, decent humans can be hard at times, bloody hard. I feel like I suck at it most of the time, but it’s nice to know that I’m not alone and that there’ll always be a mum nodding knowingly and offering a smile in the vegetable aisle. 

It’s been two months and still no word…..

(Massively stolen from the creepy “Stan” by Eminem)

I’ve been so busy over the last couple of months that I’ve not updated this. I’ve had some great ideas which I’ve immediately forgotten, but a great deal of it has not been knowing what to write.

For me this is a huge deal. I live for writing. I live for words and the way they make thoughts and feelings come to life. I’ve been blocked. 

My brother is a songwriter and I was always sceptical about writers block. I totally get it now. It’s not so much that I didn’t have anything to write. I had so much that it was difficult to sift through and sort the nonsense from the sense.

I’m nearly there. Just want the guys who’ve been hounding my ass to know that I’m not quitting, I’ve not lost my mojo and I will update shortly. Just need to make sure it’s not a lot of shite really

(It’ll probably still be shite to be fair) 

Happy January guys (not you dry January folk, you can eff off xx)