Getting to know my daughter…..



How many of you set yourself New Years goals? How many of you are actually still on target with those goals?

If, like me, you usually set yourself an unattainable resolution (no chocolate, lose 2 stone in 5 minutes, buy fewer shoes, etc) it becomes difficult to maintain and you find yourself sacking it off by January 6th.

I basically took January and February as “warm up” months, in which I did absolutely no warming up. I ate more, moved less and drank a bathtubs worth of red wine. I felt unhealthy, lethargic and pretty bloody miserable.

Then I had a bit of a kick up the arse, my work hours were reduced (not that ideal for the shoe fund) and I grasped this extra time as an opportunity to make a change.

With the time I now have free, I actually get to walk the school run most days. It’s a 2 mile round walk, which is a pretty decent 20 miles a week and so my 2 stone may come off within time. Spring is just around the corner, and we are very lucky to live in such a beautiful area so it’s not an unpleasant walk by any means.

The best part of this though, is that for the 20 minutes or so each way I get to have some really great conversations with my youngest daughter. As a middle child, she does often get overlooked as she pootles along doing her thing, not causing any trouble and generally being super pleasant. Whilst we deal with the teens and the toddler, it’s so easy to forget quality time with her.

This week I’ve learnt some new non-blue jokes, discussed Roald Dahl, spotted birds and been educated about the hierarchy of a primary school playground. I’ve seen such an insight into how my little girl thinks and feels, that without this time alone, I may have missed out on entirely.

I appreciate that it’s not possible for all mums to make the school run at all, or it is a rushed thing as you frantically whizz off to your daily activities, but if you can find the time to do even one unhurried trip a week, and really have a conversation with your offspring, you’ll come away having learnt at least one great thing, even if it is that Timmy* in class 2 always farts in Assembly.

The chocolate may still be present, I will still always love a Pinot Noir, but my health and my relationship with my daughter has taken March off to a flying start, so that’s something I’m more than pleased with.


*He’s definitely not called Timmy




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