When the whole world is on your case……..

I can share in your disgrace, my youngest boy child love.

Surely it’s not just me with a problem boy? Or at least a problem boy at nursery? I’m constantly getting reports of meltdowns, aggression, anger etc etc during his two days a week there. (There was an issue with a ham and pickle sandwich this week which he blew out of all proportion. Later it was explained that he had wanted piccalilli, a completely understandable reason for chucking your dinner everywhere, obviously) 

It’s all my fault, obviously (in my head at least). He’s been spoiled horribly, and we are working to sort that out. Life kind of got ahead of us during his crucial learning times and he was placated rather than adding another stress to the day.

This is now a problem returned to us sevenfold. We’ve watched Supernanny clips, instigated reward charts plus appropriate discipline. The telly has been revoked at certain times of the day, and it seems to be working at home. Any others suggestions from parents who’ve successfully steered a path to the other side are more than welcome (begging politely). 

At home and at his grandmothers he is mostly well behaved, and at nursery he is…….not quite so well behaved. Which, as he starts school in September, is a worry. So it’s all hands on deck to sort out this little shit head. I’m sure we aren’t alone in this last minute “Feck, school!!” panic, or at least I hope not! 

He knows he needs to work on it and did in fact improve for his second visit this week, we know it’s not a quickly fixed issue, and we are prepared to put in the work. 

With that in mind on mine and the little dictators day off today, I took him for a mop chop. You know when you’ve come out of a really shitty time, or relationship, and you cut off all your hair and suddenly feel ten times more wonderful? This is Jude’s moment, out with the old, tantruming Paul Weller lookalike and in with a grown up, fell-out-of-daddies-arse lookalike.

He may not be sorted with just a makeover, but it’s a damn good start

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