Getting back into the world…..

Ah the summer holidays, the extra time with your precious little moppets, the sunshine, days out and hopefully a long week somewhere with a cocktail in hand, making delightful memories…….

Or, in reality, it rains constantly, the kids hate each other, they eat all of the food on the day it is bought, and you don’t go anywhere because frankly, it’s too much sodding hassle!

You dream of the return to school (whilst silently acknowledging how awful that sounds), but if this September is your child’s first time at school, you’re also dreading it.

How did that little cherub grow up so quickly? It’s only been five minutes, where’s it all gone? Why must they leave, WHHHHHHYYYYY?

It may also mean a return to work for many parents who have taken a career break to raise the little mites, and that is terrifying for most. You may feel completely out of your depth and far behind all those other candidates, you wonder if you could sell Aloe gels, make up or some other pyramid shite instead? The cost of out of school childcare makes the blood drain from your face as quickly as the money will drain from your account. But mainly, you may feel insignificant and unqualified for anything.

Well, listen up, as I’m about to be positive and shit. (It’s fleeting, don’t worry)

If you have ever convinced a toddler to wear both socks on their feet for an entire hour, without bribery, but just because they know you want them to, you have management skills and show strong leadership qualities

If you have successfully argued for the benefits of eating the various vegetables in an evening meal, you could be a burgeoning super salesperson.

If you have managed to get four children washed, dressed, fed and out of the house by 9 am without anyone yelling or crying, you have excellent time management skills.

What I’m trying to say is that whilst you may have been out of a workplace environment for a few years, you’ve retained and probably gained some seriously useful traits. Transferring these to an office environment (where, lets face it, some people do display child like behaviour from time to time) should be piece of cake.

Plus you wont have to convince Carole from Accounting to eat her carrots.




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