That’s it guys, it’s Christmas………….

Now that Halloween is done (and you’re desperately trying to avoid eye contact with the kids sweet collection), can we all just accept that it’s now Christmas?

Not that it hasn’t been Christmas on the telly and in the shops since approximately August 3rd, but now that it’s “nearly December” and we’ve had the first frost, I can start getting excited yeah?

I absolutely adore Christmas now I’ve got children, two of them have birthdays in Christmas week, so it’s a pretty long celebration in our house. It also means that I do have to be much more organised than I usually am so that it goes without tooooo much of a hitch.

The lists have already been compiled, I lost last years super organised, colour coded and formula linked spreadsheet to office hackers, so I’ll have to start again ( If only I put as much effort into my writing or my actual job!). The husband’s presents are done, aside from his lump of coal for the stocking, and I’ve been trying to talk him into letting the dogs have Christmas jumpers. (It’s a big fat NO HO HO at the minute)

dog christmas jumper

Photo source: Pets at Home.


I’ve made the chutney and ordered the brown wrapping paper, in my head I’ve completely redesigned the tree and Aldi are already stocking Gluwhein. It’s happening folks!!!!

I suspect that a lot of you may be thinking “oh piss off, it’s still 2 months away!” – Just remember how quickly that last series of Game of Thrones went. And now panic.

I used to hate Christmas, and I do still hate the Americanised nonsense we get (Black Friday anyone?), but there’s just something so brilliant about Nativity shows, kids’ excitement, endless Christmas movies and 2 weeks off work (if you’re lucky) that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. That might be the mulled wine though.

This year will also be the first in a while where I’m not hosting, so whilst I love doing the dinner, I’m usually too exhausted to eat it by the time it’s finished. I’m looking forward to wearing my fat pants (with reindeer on, natch), eating my body weight in Pigs in Blankets, playing Cards against Humanity and watching the Sound of Music for the 876th time.


So that’s me fully invested in the Christmas spirit, and for those of you who aren’t quite there yet, let’s see how you feel next Monday once the Pope burning is out of the way.





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